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5 Tips to Reduce Heating Costs

Are you looking for ways to cut costs this winter? Did you know that one of the biggest expenses homeowners are overspending on is heating? We have some great advice on how it's possible to cut down your heating costs with just a little awareness and preparation!

Check out these other creative tips below:

1. Inspect Your Heat Sources – Consider having all your heat sources inspected for efficiency before turning them on this winter, and keep an eye out if they're not working correctly or getting too hot.

2. Check Your Fireplace – The fireplace damper should be kept closed unless a fire burns. Otherwise, it's just like having your window wide open during winter! For those of you with unused fireplaces, now might make sense to plug them up and seal the chimney so that warm air doesn't escape out into our cold winters day

3. Manage Your Thermostat – With the winter months approaching, it's important to consider how you will heat your home. Heating elements such as space heaters and closed doors are more affordable than running the thermostats full time; they provide cozy warmth when needed. If you have a timed thermostat, it can also be great for timing it with your lifestyle before you wake up on those chilly weekday mornings for work or leave the house.

4. Close The Door – When you're not using a room, close the door, and it will stay warm for longer. This also helps keep heat away from other parts of your home that might be chilly without its inhabitant taking extra steps to ensure comfort throughout the house.

5. Be Mindful of Drafts – Checking for drafts is another important way to reduce costs. If you notice any issues, using a weatherstrip or caulking to seal doors and windows is a relatively inexpensive fix that can significantly impact your heating bill.

The winter months can be tough on your wallet. Don't let the extra heating costs get you down further. Start saving money with these practical tips today.

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