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Your Moving Checklist: A Smooth Address Change

Congratulations on your new home! Before you settle in and start enjoying your new space, there are a few important tasks you need to take care of regarding your change of address. But don't worry; we've compiled a comprehensive checklist to help you stay organized.

Personal Contacts

The first step is to inform your contacts about your address change. Here are some key individuals and organizations to notify:

  1. Relatives/Friends: Notify your close family members and friends of the change so they can update their contact lists. This will ensure that important mail reaches you without any hiccups.

  2. Employer: Inform your employer about your new address, especially if you receive mail or packages from work.

  3. Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Daycares: If you have children or are currently enrolled in an educational institution, updating records with the new address is crucial.

  4. Clubs, Associations, and Charities: If you're a member of any clubs, associations, or charities, inform them about your change of address to ensure you still receive updates, newsletters, and other important communications.

Healthcare Professionals

To ensure your healthcare records are up to date, make sure to update the following contacts:

  1. Doctor(s): Notify your primary care physician and any specialists you regularly see about your new address. This will ensure seamless communication and the continuation of your medical care.

  2. Dentist: Inform your dentist so they can update your records and send appointment reminders to the correct address.

  3. Veterinarian: If you have pets, don't forget to let your veterinarian know about your new address. This will ensure that vaccination reminders, pet health information, and other important communications reach you.

  4. Other Healthcare Specialists: If you're receiving treatment from other healthcare specialists, such as chiropractors or therapists, inform them of your address change.

Creditors and Services

To avoid any disruptions in your services, reach out to the following providers to update your address:

  1. Phone, Cable, Internet, Mobility Company: Contact your service providers to update your address to send your billing statements and service-related communications to the right place.

  2. Electricity/Hydro: Notify your electricity provider to ensure uninterrupted service and accurate billing.

  3. Natural Gas: If your home uses natural gas, inform the gas company about your move to update your account and billing information.

  4. Heating Fuel Company: If you receive a deposit refund from your heating fuel company, check with them regarding your address change and update any necessary information.

  5. Financial Institution: Inform your bank or credit union about your new address to update your account details and ensure the smooth delivery of important documents.

  6. Insurance Companies/Brokers: Contact your insurance providers or brokers to update your address for all insurance policies, including home, auto, and health insurance.

  7. Lawyer/Notary: If you're currently working with a lawyer or notary, let them know about your address change to ensure they can reach you when needed.

  8. Subscriptions: Notify your subscriptions, such as newspapers, books, music, or loyalty programs, to ensure uninterrupted delivery and accurate billing.

Government Services

Notify the relevant government agencies to update your address on official records:

  1. Driver's License: Visit your local office to update your driver's license with your new address. This will ensure that your license remains valid and up to date.

  2. Health Card: Contact your provincial or territorial health authority to update your health card with the new address.

  3. Vehicle Registration: Inform your local motor vehicle registry about your address change to update your vehicle registration documents.

  4. Canada Post/ePost: Update your address with Canada Post or ePost to ensure your mail is forwarded correctly. This is especially important if you haven't notified all the necessary contacts individually.

  5. Canada Revenue Agency: Notify the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) of your address change to ensure you receive important tax documents and correspondence.

  6. Canada Pension Plan/Quebec Pension Plan: If you receive pension benefits, inform the relevant pension authority about your new address.

  7. Old Age Security: If you receive Old Age Security benefits, update your address with the appropriate authorities to avoid payment interruptions.

  8. Employment Insurance: If you currently receive or anticipate needing employment insurance benefits, update your address with the relevant agency.

Remember, a smooth transition starts with taking care of these essential tasks. By staying organized, thoroughly following our moving checklist and notifying the right people, you can ensure a seamless change of address.

If you need assistance with your home search or have any mortgage-related questions, please get in touch with us today!


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